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Engineering Engineering

Our clients across a whole gamut of industries choose us to solve their most complex, most pressing engineering problems. From the 8 Dimensional BIM engineering of one of the largest theme parks in the world to the Product Lifecycle Management for a global automotive major, we contribute to our clients’ relentless pursuit of excellence. It helps to have creativity and problem solving in our DNA, traits that we have brought to bear time and again for our clients.


Buildings Construction

Our expertise also lies in providing interior design options for both new construction and in renovation works. We ensure that we draw the best possible design for your project by utilizing BIM and by using drawings extracted from 3D model.



In partnership with Capstone’s manufacturing engineering consultants, our customers have been able to optimize their total cost of ownership, increase manufacturing output, reduce process lags, and realize operational goals.


Oil & Gas

Capstone helps identify the techno-financial parameters that help customers make critical decisions by understanding the risks involved and the resource allocation required to succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

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