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Capstone's Architectural BIM Services

Capstone: Your Trusted BIM Partner for Architectural & Interior Design

From concept to completion, Capstone leverages Building Information Modeling (BIM) to deliver exceptional architectural and interior design services. We specialize in creating intelligent 3D models that optimize design, streamline workflows, and minimize construction challenges.

Your Trusted BIM Partner for Architectural & Interior Design

Quick Look at our Architectural BIM Services:

  • Co-ordination with other trades
  • Interiors Design support and Documentation
  • Virtual Mockups, Renderings and Walkthroughs
  • Revit Content development

Our BIM Expertise:

  • 3D BIM Model Generation: We transform your vision into reality by meticulously crafting 3D BIM models from various inputs, including architectural drawings, specifications, and even hand sketches.
  • Collision Detection & Problem Solving: We proactively identify potential construction conflicts during the design phase. Through collaboration with architects and project stakeholders, we resolve Requests for Information (RFIs) and ensure a smooth construction process.
  • Design Development throughout the Project Lifecycle: Our BIM expertise empowers architects to elevate their work across all design stages, from conceptualizing the initial idea to detailed design and documentation.

BIM Benefits for Your Project:

  • Enhanced Coordination: We foster seamless collaboration between architectural, interior design, and engineering teams, ensuring everyone works from a single source of truth.
  • Interior Design Integration: Our BIM models seamlessly integrate interior design elements, providing comprehensive documentation and clear visualization.
  • Virtual Design & Communication: Experience your project virtually through stunning 3D renderings, walkthroughs, and mockups, facilitating clear communication and informed decision-making.
  • Custom Revit Content Creation: We develop custom Revit families to enrich your project with project-specific details, enhancing model accuracy and efficiency.

By leveraging BIM, Capstone delivers architectural and interior design solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and also functionally optimized and built to last.

Contact Capstone today to discuss how BIM can transform your next project!