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BIM Services

Capstone is specialized in the simulated construction of 3D BIM models using a variety of inputs, including contract documents, specification sheets, design documents and hand drawings. We procure the final model after resolving RFIs and consulting with architects and other project consultants for potential construction problems. We help architects to develop their work with the help of BIM through different stages of development, including concept design, schematic design, detailed design and 3D modeling documentation.

Oil & Gas

Our expertise also lies in providing interior design options for both new construction and in renovation works. We ensure that we draw the best possible design for your project by utilizing BIM and by using drawings extracted from 3D model.

3D Modelling

Structure :

Capstone’s expertise in structural engineering translates into precise, reliable and cost-effective solutions, for the leading AEC contractors & consultants the world over. Our skills in preparing the virtual 3D BIM models includes using a variety of inputs, including contract documents, specification sheets and design documents. Our design validation process checks the buildability, performance and maintenance of different steel and concrete structures including the column size, structural openings, beam depths and clashes during the modeling process. Our structural design and detailing services meet international codes and structural standards for projects. We ensure that we meet the exact requirement of our clients by creating a well-diversified process in line with the client standards and preferences.

BIM Audit Services

Most of the well-known Design-Build contractors & consultants have an objective validation of their in-house BIM models. This ensures that the information contained in the Building Information Model (BIM) is accurate and consistent. The process consists of standard validation checklists such as checking the folder structure, naming conventions, drawing and sheet naming, as well as comprehensive checks such as design verification and validation and adherence to building code. To ensure that outputs such as CD sets, shop drawings and quantity bills (BOQ) from your BIM model are reliable, it is mandatory to adhere to industry best practices, standards and LOD.

Our extensive experience in the creation of BIM models for a variety of building types, such as commercial / residential buildings, hospitals, prisons, schools, metro stations and water treatment plants, as well as industrial plants, can be used to review the BIM model against the intended design and to solve any anomalies in order to give you the best result. Our expertise with both imperial and metric systems ensures that all validations such as detail levels, naming standards and other design criteria are properly documented and complied with.

BIM Audit Checklist

Value Engineering

Value engineering is used to solve problems and identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality. The aim is to increase the value of products, satisfying the product’s performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

In construction, this involves considering the availability of materials, construction methods, transportation issues, site limitations orrestrictions, planning and organization, costs, profits, and so on. Benefits that can be delivered include a reduction in life cycle costs, improvement in quality, reduction of environmental impacts, and so on.

Value engineering should start at project inception where the benefits can be greatest, however the contractor may also have a significant contribution to make as long as the changes required to the contract do not affect the timescales, completion dates or incur additional costs that outweigh the savings on offer.

When applied ideally, value engineering should be exercised collaboratively by every stakeholder to deliver a quality project at the lowest possible cost.

Capstone offer value engineering to clients across 48 countries worldwide. Weoffer value engineering for a diverse gamut of projects through effective quality control, design detailing and utilizing technical expertise from Design, Construction Management & Field Installation.

BIM Strategy Formulation

Our expertise and research helps us provide training and advisory services to the organizations that are willing to adopt BIM processes within their projects or businesses.

Our BIM strategy focuses on the tangible and intangible staff training requirements of organizations. We consider the following elements while formulating a BIM strategy: