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Information Services

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From being a somewhat esoteric technical concept, cloud computing has evolved into an integral part of the technology zeitgeist,a non-negotiable for any organization embarking on a digital transformation journey.

Conversations about the cloud have evolved significantly – from being merely about cost optimization and improved agility and scale, to being about the cloud’s role as a key enabler of transformation in today’s enterprise. Our clients are leveraging their investments in cloud migration to deliver business resilience, transform into a digital enterprise and clock bottomline and topline improvements.

The compelling value proposition for cloud computing investment has been further bolsteredbya faster, smarter and lighter technology infrastructure. Today, cloud platforms have become core to an organization’s innovation ecosystem delivering accelerated value by driving new business models. The Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the role of cloud in enabling business resilience, accelerating its adoption further.

While most businesses are using the cloud, many still rely heavily on traditional IT, simply using cloud services tactically, such as in development and testing. This transformation is often hindered by the lack of an organization transformation plan, improper budget allocation or inability to identify, scope and mitigate risks, among other factors.

We deliver a cloud strategy that enables digital transformation with:

  • Cloud Business Vision: Align your cloud strategy with business objectives to create a compelling target end-state
  • Cloud Value Case: Identify the costs and benefits of the next stage of your journey to the cloud
  • Cloud Roadmap: Plot your journey through the options and activities needed to deliver the end-state
  • Cloud Transformation Plan: Identify the associated organizational changes and skills needed to unleash the true potential of cloud.

We will help to build a strong foundation for your cloud journey, enabling the transition from cloud-first intent to reality. Your cloud ambitions will be clearly mapped to business results.

Data is the new gold, and data monetization is the new gold rush! CIOs and data architects the world over are under constant pressure to generate revenue out of all the data at their disposal, collected through disparate customer touchpoints. To stay ahead in the competitive landscape, there is a need for organizations to keep pace with the customer demand and strategically plan for improved business outcomes.

  • IoT

    IoT enables cost drives and empowers additional revenues for the information services providers. There is a tremendous value in implementing the right technologies like IoT to improve operational efficiency and strengthen business.

  • Big Data

    The industry is moving towards big data, and it helps in deriving various business benefits like operational efficiency, cost reduction, customer centricity, and higher returns.

  • Regulatory Demands

    The scale of regulatory change is unprecedented. Non-compliance will lead to huge penalties. To maintain high-performance, companies should respond to regulatory initiatives and must ensure compliance.