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Automotive & Aviation

Automotive & Aviation


Over the last decade, electric vehicles have made their presence felt across geographies. The trend towards renewables will accelerate going forward, catalyzed by financial, regulatory and environmental considerations. As the cost of renewables keeps inching closer to conventional fuels, the environmental concerns will continue to load the dice in their favor.

However, the conventional Internal Combustion engines will continue to dominate the roads, waters and skies for some time to come, with a clear mandatefor cleaner, greener energy.

With our extensive array of product partnerships & services catering to the automotive space, Capstone has slowly evolved into the go-to partner for the automotive majors, the world over.


The aviation sector has been amongst the worst hit due to all the Covid-induced travel restrictions and lockdowns. The major airlines and aircraft manufacturers have been looking for aggressive cost control & risk mitigation options to trump the unprecedented challenges that they have faced in recent years.

With our unrivalled experience right at the intersection of engineering and technology, our automotive and aviation clients have achieved significant leaps in productivity and quality through pathbreaking expertise and innovations in Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)& Product Data Management.


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System Integration

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Professional Services

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